Laboratoire de Pierre-Luc Boudreault

Professeur adjoint

Département de pharmacologie - physiologie

Tél. (819) 821-8000 x72433

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Pierre-Luc Boudreault, PhD

Laboratoire de chimie médicinale

Exploration de l'espace chimique des GPCRs, Macrocycles, Petites molécules, Nouveaux agents de pénétration cellulaire, Inhibiteurs de protéases à sérine transmembranaires de type 2 (TTSPs), Nouvelles cibles antibiotiques

Our research program is focused on medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, and validation of emerging therapeutic targets. Our philosophy relies on a multidisciplinary approach and collaborations to develop tomorrow’s leaders and highly qualified personnel who can lead high-impactful, interdisciplinary research and easily adapt to constantly evolving modern technologies. We aim to empower students to become expert leaders across knowledge sectors for careers spawning academia, industry, and entrepreneurship by giving them the opportunity to work with academic and industrial collaborators.